Seeking Reviewer for offline installation toolkit

Hello DHIS2 implementers & users -

LogicalOutcomes is looking for a peer reviewer, to support an open source resource for the DHIS2 community.

We have been working on an ‘offline installation toolkit.’

It’s our intent to include:

-a brief version of implementer guide with screenshots

-when it’s useful to set up an offline/local install, when it’s not useful

-link to all downloads

-templates questionnaire for partners, and tracking log to manage installs

** We are looking for a volunteer reviewer, to look at our materials, and advise. **

** This could be a 1-2 hour task, and we’ll acknowledge your contribution on the site. **

If you’re interested, please contact me:

Thank you,


Sara Gaudon & LogicalOutcomes DHIS2 training team

Sara Gaudon, Executive Director, LogicalOutcomes | Toronto 647-478-5634 x103 Washington 202-779-9634 x103