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Hello community members🙋🏻‍♂️,
Hope you all doing well. My name is Ulanbek and I am a newbie and I am looking for some help.
I have created a tracker, and it seems works fine, but cannot build a pivot table or report.
Can anyone guide me to understand DHIS2. Especially I need some explanation on trackers, how the program indicators work, categories, and how all this relates to the reports.

Can anybody help me?
Appreciate your support in advance🤝🏻
Regards, Ulanbek

When you decide to use tracker programs for data collection, you have to create program indicators to help you aggregate the individual level data in pivot tables. Otherwise you have to use Event Reports to see data in its raw form.
With tracker we use what we call options to collect data for specific details for example in Gender you have to pick either Male or Female(In orther wards Optional) while categories will apply to aggregate data to represent gender one has to fill in a sum of Male or a sum of Female receiving a service (20 Male, 4 Female).
Program Indicators will help you count a total Females (in cases where Female was selected) See link on Program Indicators.

Let us know if this was helpful.
Stay Safe,

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@Emma_Kassy thank you for your reply.
I would like to share here what I am trying to do. And I believe it could be useful for those who are new and want to create a Tracker program in DHIS2.
I attached the Excel file with a description of what I am working on:
TASK-eng version.xlsx (21.3 KB)

Dear experienced community members, please have a look and share here your suggestions on what and how it could be done. I have created the Tracker program, but still doubt if the attribute/data element/option set types are correct, as couldn’t create reports based on what I have done.
Please suggest here what and why should be changed.
Thank you very much.
Regards, Ulanbek