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Hi all,

I have read that referrals of TEI to a health facility can be captured as a Data Element – type Organisation Unit or a TEI can be referred from one HF to another for one event or permanently through a button on tracker dashboard.

In case I want to refer the TEI to another Org Unit for follow-up, which of two approaches should I take? What is the difference between them?

In either approach, how the configuration can be done in regard to users who will enter data for referred patients either for temporary or permanent referrals…


@ferdinandmussavene The approach depends on the use-case.
If the patient has to continue the “rest of the treatment/steps” concerning that enrollment and the intention is to transfer the patient to another health facility, then the permanent referral makes sense. This action transfer the ownership of the TEI to the referred org unit for the specific program.

If the patient has to visit the referred health facility ONLY for the completion of the scheduled event, but the referring health facility is still responsible for completion of the remainder (if any) of the enrollment tasks, then the one-time referral makes sense. This action does not transfer the ownership.

I don’t think there is any specific configuration changes either approach you take.

Here is a short documentation of the feature Home - DHIS2 Documentation


hi @Ameen,

Thank you for your explanation and i have read the documentation, but I would also like to have some information about user configuration when, for example, a TE is referred from one org unit to another. I tried to create two users X & Y on demo yesterday. When user X referred a TE from org unit A to B, user y couldn’t TE in org unit B when searching. I think it has to be with user configuration.

Thanks again.

Hi @ferdinandmussavene
So it depends on the user A and B’s capture scope at the very least.

So lets assume User X has capture scope access to org unit A. User X is therefore able to register X into orgunit A and enroll X into a program P in orgUnit A. In this case, since the enrollment is done, as of now the owner OrgUnit for TEI- Program P combination is orgUnitA.

Now comes the referral part. If the User X refers the TE to orgUnitB (Move permanently), then the ownership is not transferred to orgUnit B for the TEI- Program P combination.

If User Y has capture scope access to orgunit B and if he searches for TEIs that are enrolled in program P, the TE will be shown in his list.

This is the basic flow of referral. Now there are multiple variations here. If the referral is done as “One Time”. The event will be scheduled for orgUnitB, but the ownership will not be transferred to orgUnitB. User Y will ideally be able to search for the tei (without the context of the program) and find the TE in his search scope.

There is also various program configuration which restricts whether the ownership should be considered across the capture scope or the search scope. Program AccessLevel of (OPEN or AUDITED) gives more access to the users. The owning org unit is compared against the user’s Search scope of the user and not just the capture scope. Which means that the rules are less strict or less restricted for such program access level. If the program AccessLevel is either (PROTECTED or CLOSED), then the owning org unit is compared against the user’s capture scope.

Let me know if any of these are confusing :slight_smile:

Hi @Ameen,

Your explanation is really helpful. What I have encountered is the following problem: User X has made one time referral, User Y searches and finds the referred tracked entity but the scheduled event is disabled.

I tried this on Sierra Leone Demo.


@ferdinandmussavene That is strange. Was the one time referral made to “Ngelehun CHC”?
Also have you tried the same by doing Permanent Referral?

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