Seeking assistance: DEs Names & UIDs

Hi all,

How can I download Data elements and their UIDs side by side from a specific data set through an API?


You can specify the DataSet in the API request and then append the elements you want to extract. This is a valid example (giving you name and id of the dataElements):[dataElement[id,name]]

The dataSet comes in the API request, but you could also obtain it in the response if you want:[dataSet[id],dataElement[id,name]]


@jaime.bosque s answer should get you exactly what you are asking for, but just to add, if you want the output as a flat file (CSV) you could access the dataElements resource, such as,name&

Where ce7DSxx5H2I is the data set UID

See Metadata - DHIS2 Documentation

For more filters and examples


Hi @jaime.bosque and @brian,

Thank you for your help. Both APIs are working well.