Sections in events not loading after an upgrade from 2.30 to 2.34

Dera team,

I recently upgraded one DHIS2 instance from 2.30 to 2.34 and found a problem. When I try to register a new event(new capture app) sections of the Event are not loading. It asks me to select an event date and even after selecting the dates my elements/sections which are part of the event program are not loading. This is happening with all the event programs. However, my tracker app seems to work fine.
I have attached a screenshot also, requesting urgent help here.

PS: I am not getting any error message on Browser console or Tomcat console

Hello @Neeraj_Gupta Just to make sure, you did this below change to server.xml already right? I had faced a similar issue before and reason was this

Hello Jins, thank you for the quick reply, I made the changes suggested by you but it didn’t help out.

Hello @Neeraj_Gupta Just confirming you also restarted DHIS2 right ? Like tomcat stop and start to make the changed reflect

Yes, I restarted the Tomcat.

I have the same probleme which another instance. DHIS2.33.6

Hello Aanyo, I still don’t have a solution to this, I will intimate you as soon I get some.

@Neeraj_Gupta @Aanyo Hey guys, please have a look here: Event Data Entry Forms Not Opening in New Capture App

@Joakim Thank you my friend, this sorted out the problem.

@Aanyo you can also try the same.