Search Stuck on Some Organizational Units

Some of our districts reported last week they cannot search some health facilities if they tried to search then the session goes stuck for that computer for several minutes. We checked that and were not able to find a specific reason. We have also checked RAM and CPU utilization, and everything is fine. Also, reboot the server. We are using DHIS2 version 2.35.8-EMBARGOED but I have also tried on another version on a test machine but the issue is the same. Can you please help in this regard?

Note: It’s confirmed that this issue comes into the system last week because before that all things work fine.
@Gassim @Tuntu @jaime.bosque @WumiOjo @nancyesp

Hello @Saad .
Are you talking about aggregate? events? tracker? it is not very clear to me where the problem is. If you are experiencing the same (and not only your users) maybe you could open the browser console and see if there is any log that could be helpful to troubleshoot?


@jaime.bosque Thanks for your quick response. This issue occur in all apps (aggregate, events, tracker and maintenance OU) Organizational Units search. When we try to find Organizational Unit through search option this issue comes. A screen shot is attached for your reference. Thanks

Hey @Saad . A quick test… if you search for something without a space like “kot” do you get the same? Trying to see if that could be an issue. It seems that your server is not replying in time.