Search organisation units in user setting not working properly

Dear All,
I have using dhis2.32. I have set In the Search organisation units so the user to be able to search patient from all organisation units. But, it is not working during search any patient from tracker capture. It showed error.

  1. {httpStatus: “Conflict”, httpStatusCode: 409, status: “ERROR”,…}

  2. httpStatus: “Conflict”

  3. httpStatusCode: 409

  4. status: “ERROR”

  5. message: “Non-searchable attribute(s) can not be used during global search: [lFy5NIpf2te, VE0FBcOYy5L]”

But if i delete the Search organisation units that time it is working. In that case, it can give only those patient who are registered/enrolled within user’s own assigned org units.
This same bug found in 2.31 too.

Thanks in advance for your kind support.

Best Regards

Similar was in 2.24