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Some people may have an interest in having a look at the newest version of the UNAIDS CRIS system, version 3 (use Internet Explorer). You can also check out their indicator registry (works in many browsers).



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From: Safarnejad, Ali

Date: Fri, Apr 24, 2009 at 10:27 AM

We have implemented the SDMX data and metadata exchange on several of our system.

For example, the Country Response Information System, exports and imports its data and metadata and structural definitions in SDMX compliant format.

You can see a preview of it by going to the demo site here: (user/pass are Viewer/Viewer).

Or download and install it to review the export/import functions from

There is also the indicator registry ( ) which allows export of indicator structure and definition in SDMX compliant format.

These systems are just a few of the practical and working examples of how we have implemented the SDMX standard for data and metadata exchange.

The documentation for our implementation is basic and relies on the SDMX consortiums’ definitions and standards (

There are quite a lot of implementers of the SDMX standard. UNICEF, WHO, FAO, the World Bank, and UNSD, to name a few. However, because of the broad definition of what is SDMX, and lack of concrete scenarios where data exchange between Organizations was required, not much effort has gone into harmonizing the various implementations and interpretations of the SDMX standard. At the annual conference on SDMX (organized this past January by OECD) is where one would find the most relevant and topical issues related to SDMX standard and its various implementations.