Scaled Down Images


We, the Mobile Team are planning to implement Image Reports on a Mobile Phone . Where the users could download and view the charts on their Mobile Clients. Right now we are downloading the full 800x500 to the phone and then re-size it so it would be viewable in a small screen. It would be of great help if the server could offer ability to provide scaled down images. So it would be:

  1. Easier to transfer on the network, specially on intermittent or slow internet.
  2. Lesser memory consumption on the Mobile Clients.
  3. Less CPU/Memory intensive as the Mobile Clients doesn’t need anymore of re-sizing the image.

I’m thinking something like a Query String. Something like:


And this would give me a scaled image of the size of 176x220. It is also important that text, headers, labels, etc. remains readable on the down scaled image.

Thanks! I’d like to open a discussion on this feature.