same data element used in different programs

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I am just looking for confirmation. I created a data element “classification” = new case/recurrent case (this actually applies to several data element, but let’s take this one as an example). As this question is common to different diseases at admission (to know if it is the first episode of the disease or not), I first used this same data element in this different disease-specific programs.

But now I need confirmation that, in the analytical part, the aggregation is based on the couple program/data element, i.e. that I will be able to retrieve the number of new cases of disease A and the number of new cases of disease B separately.

Can you advise if it is wiser to create one data element by program or if I can use the same data element across different program. I will never have to sum the new cases across different programs. But I wanted to reduce the multiplication of data elements.

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