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Thanks Lars for the update.

I have just updated the whiteboard on the dxf blueprint here:

I'd be interested in your comments. I know you've put a lot of work
into the import-export stuff so I'm sensitive about making
suggestions, but I do believe that some of the benefits of revamping
some of this are quite substantial. Tell me what you think.

I am very happy for suggestions on how to improve things:)

I think your points are quite valid (and I see that the current solutions is
not optimal).

1, 2, 7 are nice improvements that won't break backwards compatibility. Feel
free to modify things right away.

OK. I'll work on that, Some decisions need to be taken around the
URI to used to identify the namespace but I will discuss the merits
and options on the list.

3, 4, 5 are improvements that would require only small modifications to the
import code and would obviously make things faster. My only concern is
backwards compatibility. If we introduce this for a specific release and
inform the users we might get away with it. We could also maintain code that
uses the (new) version attribute to achieve backwards compatibility for a
while. Bharath, Saptarshi, any comments here?

I doubt if 3 would require any modifications to existing consumers
import code. But I'll check,

I agree that we should absolutely maintain backward compatibility with
the existing format. I yes think the way to address it is that new
producers of the existing format will start adding a version attribute
1.0. Existing consumers will simply ignore it which is fine.

Phasing in new producers will obviously require some management and
co-ordination between exchanging parties. A version 1.1 might include
the new format dataValues.

6 complicates the current import strategy where objects get imported "on the
fly" without temporary storage, maybe we can put this on hold.

Probably ..

8 I don't have too much experience with, but I like the concept and if it
can be done I'm excited to follow the development here.

Lets see how it goes.



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Also, the potential for dxf as an open standard sounds promising.