Restrictions/limitations on number of stages in a programme

Hi all,

I would like to know is there any limitations on the number of stages to be displayed on the Tracker Capture App. My situation is, we have 10 stages in a programme. The 3rd stage was shown using a skip logic program rule. This stage was never shown in the Andriod app but nicely working on the computer side. For checking purposes, I have removed the skip logic and tested on the computer as well as on the tablet. Again, it is NOT shown on the tablet but on the computer it works fine.

Any hints to fix this issue is very much appreciated.

NB: I am using 2.29, build 0b4de69.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Selvaraaj,

I would recommend:

  • Make sure your sharing settings are ok (probably they are as you can see it web)
  • Make sure your skip logic is ok (or disable it as you did)
  • Reset your App Configuration (Go to Settings -> Reset App)
  • Log in and test again (remember to use the same user that you use in web).

If after doing this you still cannot see the stage I would request you to report a jira issue for us to trouble shoot your problem.



Thanks Marta for your assistance. The issue is resolved. I guess the tablet did not sync properly the corrections we made in DHIS2 recently.

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thanks for letting us know

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