Requirements to properly share a Dashboard



I would like to know what are the minimal requirements to correctly share a Dashboard in DHIS2: I mean, even when all metadata in the system is hidden by default.

Sharing a dashboard only with a Group or a user is not enough. Needs the user to have explicit access to the dataset or program used by the dashboard? Or only to the related dataElements and indicators? Or both? Any other requirement? (in terms of special authorities?

It would be good to have a good practice about that explicitly in the documentation.

Thanks !

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(James Omutsani) #2

Hello @Emma_Kassy, kindly support @JIMENEZ_POMARETA_Ram with this.



(Emma Kassy) #3

When sharing a dashboard or favorite, user would need access to any related data elements, indicators, catcombos and maybe optionsets. Dataset are necessary if user is supposed to do anything related to data entry or just view data entered.

Let us know if this helps.

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(Natalie Tibbels) #4

Hi, on this subject, I’m having an issue when sharing dashboards and visualizations. When I give users read only access to the dashboard, even if they have all the correct permissions, users see an error message that they do not have permission to read data for Data Element Category Option: xxxx (the UID). But all those metadata objects are public. When I switch it to read and write access to the dashboard, then they can view the dashboard (but also edit). Wondering if anyone else has experienced this.

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