Request for new aggregation operator

Hi all,

We have a peculiar aggregation need here. I don’t know if any other country uses it or it is only Ethiopia but here it is.

Consider this data element which is collected monthly:

**Number of adults and children who are currently on ART - ****First Line Regimen **

When analyzing data for a year, the last month’s data shall always be taken rather than the summation or average of the data values.

There are a few data elements like this we capture every month.

However, the current aggregation operators cannot handle this. The max and the min operators may be the closest ones to handle this (for data that increases and decreases over time respectively).

Would it be possible to add one more aggregation operator that always takes the last period’s value when the aggregation is across periods and when it is hierarchically it sums the last period’s values of each captured data.



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