Report rate summary: When there are closed facilities?

Hello Colleagues,

I have the following three problems:

  1. In DHIS2, i closed (not deleted) some facilities. When i generate reporting rate summary (i.e. the percentage of facilities that reported), it does not deduct the closed facilities in the denominator. Is there way to adjust the denominator for reporting summary rate?
  2. Is it possible to see a list of facilities with a completed data set using the report application without looking at the data entry forms and/or pivot table?

Thanks in advance for your help.


Dear Alehegn

This issue has been up and what we normally do is to remove the data sets from the orgunits that the DE was assigned with that your reporting rate in monthly summary will be same with the one from your pivot table.

We will suggest and request that developers look into it and apply the closing data that the pivot table uses.



Thank you so much Aluka.

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