Rép: dhis version 2.21 is released

Congratulations !

Pepe Ken Mvulu
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Lars Helge Øverland larshelge@gmail.com a écrit :

Hi all,

DHIS version 2.21 is out with a lot of great new features and improvements.

Log in with admin/district on the demo system.

File cloud storage: You can now upload and store large files directly from data entry forms. Data elements can have a file value type and render as file upload widgets in forms. Files can be stored either on the Web server or sent directly to AWS S3 cloud storage, which in practice provides unlimited storage capacity. This capability allows you to use DHIS 2 as a general document repository which can be utilized for project management, documentation, CMS and many other purposes.

File storage currently works for aggregate data entry forms - tracker coming up. Have a look at the “Project management” data set in data entry on the demo:

Demo | Docs | Screenshot

Settings app: The settings front-end has been re-written as a true app. It features real-time saving, search for settings and a fresh new look.



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