Reordering of Capture App OrganisationUnit, Program, Category Selections in 2.36 (and missing 2.35 and previous!)

Having lived in DHIS2 pre 2.36 (starting with event capture and later capture app for event data models), we have continue to rely on standard practice of data entry:

  1. select an organisational unit
  2. Select the program
  3. Select the category options within categor(y/ies) available to the program

Based on this 1-2-3 workflow, we have limited both our category options and programs based on organisational unit assignment. This makes sense, as well, by the very nature of this: organisational units filter out both category options as well as programs that are not relevant.

Now in the 2.36 world with capture app, we are (when going from left to right on the screen):

  1. Selecting a Program
  2. Selecting category options within categor(y/ies)
  3. Selecting an Organisational Unit

Because there is no filter on the Programs or Category Options when they are selected, there is quite a bit more information in our instance than is really needed. In addition, neither Program selection nor Category Option selection filter the organisational units available to be selected; thus there are many instances where you can select a program, select the category options, and then when selecting the organisational unit, have your previous selections nulled out.

All of this feels like an unnecessary change to what felt like a foundational aspect of DHIS2. I’m curious if there exists any workarounds for what i’m describing (particularly in the event data model) whereby I can manually set the ordering of the selection leading to event creation?

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@Gassim welcome any insight here!

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