Remove System Default (Fallback) in Appearance Settings

Hello DHIS2 Support,
We are running version 2.33.3
How can I remove the system default fallback data in the appearance settings?

Even though system settings are updated, browser cache cleared, what displays on the login page is the system fall back data.

Can anyone help?

Hello @dhis2-backend, some help with this would be most appreciated.
Thank you

Hello again @Lars @phil @jomutsani @dhis2-platform @dhis2-backend @geetha @viet

Please can anyone help with an answer to this issue?

It is preventing us from displaying important messages on the login page for our users.

Even when the messages are updated and it says system settings updated, it is still keeping the old message that is several weeks old as all attempts to change it have been unsuccessful.

I find nothing in the documentation about this.

Please help.

Hi @ifeanyiokoye,

Sorry I didn’t see this before now.

Could you please clarify exactly what is happening? Are you saying that you change the text for the “System default (fallback)” language, but the changes are not reflected in the login screen?

Kind regards,

or are you experiencing this issue: ?

Hello @phil,
When I make changes in the system settings - appearance settings, the new changes do not take effect

What keeps showing on the login screen and in other aspects of this page are the items marked as System default (fallback) - see below

I hope this explains it better.

Thank you.

Hi @ifeanyiokoye,

Thanks for the clarification.

I think there are two points.

  1. When a user arrives on the login page the text that is shown should be the “System default” text.

  2. If a language is selected (from the drop-down on the login page) then the text from that language should be displayed.

Point 2 was broken (issue 8712 above), but should now be fixed and will be available in the next patch release. I think point 2 is the issue you are seeing?

Kind regards,

(Are you aware you can select the “System default (fallback)” as a language in the Settings -> Appearance page, and change the text there?).

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Thank you so much @phil. I did not know that I could select system default (fallback) as a language.
Thank you and have changed it now.

We are careful about updates now as once we do an update, we cannot open TEI dashboards that have been registered prior to the update. So, until that is fixed, we are stuck where we are. We have reported this issue and I think it is being looked into.

Same too with 2.34 as the TEI issue persists and aggregate data entry forms do not load. This we have reported here but no response at all on it.