Release of Android SDK v1.0.2 (patch version)

Dear DHIS2 community,

A new version of the DHIS2 Android SDK is out! This is a patch version and it is used by the 2.0.1 DHIS2 Android App

It has no new features or changes in the SDK Interface (Data Access Layer). It means that the DHIS2 Android developers can update the SDK without experiencing any compatibility issues.

The full list of reported bugs fixed in this version is:

  • Login offline fails when using trailing slash in server url (ANDROSDK-1052)
  • Create period in database if it does not exist (ANDROSDK-1067), missing period types (ANDROSDK-1079)
  • Remove program and dataset not assigned to user orgunits (ANDROSDK-1051)
  • Revert UPLOADING status when TEIs upload fails (ANDROSDK-1072)
  • Submit dataset completion status by SMS (ANDROSDK-1080)
  • Add QR_CODE and BAR_CODE rendering types
  • React to uncompletions of dataset in the server (ANDROSDK-992)
  • Attributes in ProgramSection not included in 2.33 (ANDROSDK-1089)
  • Allow overwrite deleted TEIs if requested (ANDROSDK-1092)
  • Deleted datavalues are not propagated to the sdk (ANDROSDK-1105)

The functionality of the SDK including code examples is fully documented. You can download and check out the SDK code in the following GitHub repository

Happy coding!

the Android team

Please remember to report your issues in Jira!
Project: Android SDK for DHIS2