Registration Form Sections

Hello all,
How can I add sections in the registration form ? I tried to do that but the section doesn’t appear. Should I create it as a custom form ?

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Do you mean for Android or in the Tracker/Event Capture web app? In any case both are similar and you can create sections on the maintenance corresponding part.



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Yes I added a second section but it doesn’t appear. All the fields in section 2 are shown in one section which is section 1.

Could you provide screenshots of your configuration and the Android to see what might be wrong?

Same problem, I noted that sections for attributes in tracker do not show up. Instead a long list of the data elements

With the tracker section form, now go to data entry and see how it renders.

Could you please specify your DHIS2 version and the Android App version? It seems to be working fine on our side.

Setting up the program


It works for Android but not the web app, I am on 2.36.1

Ah, ok. This was not clear to me as I thought you were referring to Android. Then I will link @Markus for him to comment.

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It seems you are suffering from the issue reported here: Log in - DHIS 2 JIRA please follow up on JIRA for further details.

Thank you, let me check on that