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Currently, I am working on building my tracker. And came up with a question:
I have a Person tracker entity, which consists of Name, Surname, Address, Phone number.
Question: If later, one of the registered persons, have changed their Surname, address, or phone number, will it be recorded somewhere in the DHIS2? Cos sometimes it is important to find for example a person with old-Surname or maybe some needs to know the old address.
Please share your knowledge about how it can be done or experience how it was done.
Thank you.
Regards, Ulanbek

Hello Ulanbek,

There is a built-in feature at the profile widget called Audit history by clicking on it you can see all historical saved values and changes at the attributes, please see snapshots below:

This is practical for case by case level, but I am not aware if we can generate a report for all persons those have changed on their specific attributes values…


I hope this will be helpful.

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Great :+1:
Good to know!
Thank you @ayman.tuffaha

Forgot to ask: so the historical data are they searchable? For example if I have a tracker program, and TEI. And later if I need to find some patient with old surname, would it be possible?