Question regarding patient home address change

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Hope you all doing well.
I have a question regarding the Tracker program, where patients’ Enrollment details consist of Surname, Name, Home address, personal ID, and phone number. Obviously, when you enroll the patient it will be enrolled in the particular organizational unit.

  1. So question is, how I can change the enrolled organizational unit if the patient has moved to a different org.unit territory?
  2. So I need some field, where must be recorded the period when the patient was enrolled to the particular org.unit, and moved date

This is important for me to form a report, and I have no idea how I can derive such information and use it to filter data in my reports.

Have you ever faced such a problem? Please share your experience.
Appreciate your help and support! Also, I believe the DHIS2 specialist could help and suggest as well.

Regards, Ulanbek

Hello @Ulanbek,
When a patient moves to a new org-unit, you do not have to lose their history from the previous org-unit, secondly, re-enrolling will mean either you delete the patient record from the system or create a new record but this will cause a duplicate.

We have solved this issue by using a tracker function as shown below, see attached screenshots.

  1. Search for the patient while on the new org-unit i.e (Patient is attached to org-unit A, got to new org-unit B then search)
  2. Open the patient’s/TEI Dashboard
  3. On the stages add a new event, all new events will be assigned or attached to the new org-unit-B

This will help you keep track of the old record as well as the new record.
For the Home address field, you can Update the profile details to reflect the new home address.

Hope this helps
Isaac Mwotasubi

Thank you very much @imwota
I am learning DHIS2 little by little thanks to the community.
Ok, we have sorted out the problem with historical data and re-registration in the new OU.
The question is how can I apply these changes when reports generated?
For example, I have a patient. The patient has been registered, suppose, in OU-Cheetah, and was included as an entity in the OU-Chettah’s local report. Then the patient has moved, and it started to appear in new OU reports, where the patient moved to.
Now we have a situation when I need to generate a historical report when the patient was registered in old OU. So how it can be done? Should I create some attributes or data elements, to record these changes?
I have no idea maybe it is solved already in DHIS2, but if it is so please share your knowledge and experiences here.

Regards, Ulanbek