Question regarding charts/reportTables apis


We are facing an issue when we want to download data for our charts and reports on Praxis. We are using the charts/reportTables api in order to download the data.

When are we using the api as a collection (eg.,columns[id,items[id,name]],rows[id,items[id,name]],filters[id,items[id,name]] ), the response does not contain any data for rows, columns and filters. However when we use the api for individual reports or charts like,columns[id,items[id,name]],rows,filters, we are able to get the data for rows, columns and filters.

In order to address this, we have to recurse over all the reports/charts obtained from the collection api call and and make individual calls for each report/chart in order to fetch the data for rows, columns and filters.

Is this a bug or an intended behavior?


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