Push Analysis does not render graphs

I have created a push analysis, and when i try to run it, its not rendering any charts or graphs.

Screen shot is attached.
dhis2 v 2.36
ubuntu v 20.04


Hi @ahmed685
Thank you for your question! There seems to have been a Jira issue created about this and the solution was changing “Setting correct server base URL”. If it’s set correctly as described in the quotation below then please write down the steps to reproduce this issue on play or check out the other points mentioned in the comments in this Jira issue: (DHIS2-1116 Push analysis not working)

Did you correctly set the “Server base url” before running it? This is used to determine where to get the images from. If this is invalid, you will get a push analysis with missing images.

Please let me know how it goes! Thank you! (:

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It really worked. Setting up server.base.url has solved it.

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