Pulling dataelement operands by group from /analytics end point

Hi there

Using the /analytics API end point, want to be able to pull data for all dataelement operands in a group for a time period. I can see how to pull all dataelements in a group by using DE_GROUP-<group-id>. But, how can one pull all the data element operands in a group in single API call in a similar manner?

I was referencing this here to get the DE_GROUP, but I don’t want to have to specify all data element operands individually. Is this possible to pull the data for operands in a group?

Hi @Megan_Beckett,

Are data element operands listed as a group? I can see that it’s possible to get all data element operands based on ‘data element’ and ‘category option combo’.

See: https://play.dhis2.org/2.38.1/api/dataElementOperands?pageSize=1

one of these options is a candidate to be used as filter.