Pull data from Analytics for all facilities within a province

Hi there

I am trying to figure out how to pull data elements from the /analytics end point at the facility level (organisational unit level 5), but for only one province.

I do not think a filter for the province will work as I do not want the data aggregated - I still want the data at the facility level.

Here is an example of the query I have tried:


Any idea how to do this?

Hi @Megan_Beckett,
Are you able to get the results on the Data Visualizer app? You could select the province in the app and then you can get the request from the Network tab, right?

I’m not sure I completely understood your question and this is why I couldn’t respond earlier, sorry.

If you select the province and then you have the option to only get the results at ‘facility’ level, please see screenshot: