publicaccess column changing when modifying details of data elements

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A user of ours (with all but the administrator role assigned to him) has been modifying the names (and possibly the short names) of some data elements in an effort to provide more clarity to them. He has been making these changes by editing the data element in question via the front end, making changes to the name/s and saving the changes. It appears that in doing so the data element records get modified so that the publicaccess column’s values change from “rw------” to “--------” . (I am able to confirm this by querying the data on the backend.) Since he was the creator of the data elements and has his userid assigned to each data element, no one else has access to the data elements anywhere in DHIS after he makes the name changes. I am able to change the publicaccess columns to remedy the immediate problem but I am wondering why this is happening. (The same problem has occurred on at least 2 different days this past week.)
Note that when I (with all user roles, including administrator) make a change to the name of a data element in the front end, the publicaccess value remains as-is. What should I be looking for to determine why it is happening when this specific user is changing details pertaining to the data elements?

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