Programme rule to trigger if a file is uploaded

Hello DHIS2 community,

I would like to write a programme rule condition, so it triggers if a file is uploaded to a data element, and doesn’t trigger if it is left blank. Is this possible?


Hi @jschofieldwood

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Then the program rule expression is going to be #{data_element_variable} != ''

This means that only when the data element has a value (the UID of the resource), it will trigger, but if it is left blank then it will not trigger.

Thank you!

I realised I actually need the opposite - I need the programme rule to trigger UNLESS there is a file uploaded.
I tried #{programme rule variable} == ‘’ , but it didn’t work. Do I need to put the UID of the DE in between the inverted commas?

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Okay, so the idea is that if no file is uploaded then it will trigger, so maybe:

And if that doesn’t work, try:
d2:length(#{data_element_variable}) < 1

Please note that, if you copy/paste the quotation marks sometimes they don’t work so you’d need to type them rather than paste them.


Thank you! It worked!!


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