Program Stage Notifications not working when using program rules

After an update to 2.34, all the program stage notifications triggered by program rules don’t seem to be working, my condition within the program rule is V{event_status} == ‘COMPLETED’, and the action is set to Send message with my template selected, the template is set to notify recipients of a user group, but nothing comes through via the in-build message platform, or on email, if I change the trigger to Program stage completion however, it works. Any ideas what could be wrong?

I created a new instance of DHIS2 2.3.6, imported all my meta data, and the notifications seem to work again, so there is definitely a bug with version 2.4 Program rule triggered Notifications. Something else I’ve noticed, while configuring SMS Gateway settings on 2.4, it ends up crashing the SMS App, I have tried this on different instances and happens all the time. Any one else with this issues? @dhis2-backend @dhis2-test-qa @dhis2-tracker

Hi @drlappies,

Yes, this is a bug that has been reported here:

This should be fixed and included in upcoming patch releases.

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