Program Rule Updates with Version Upgrades

I am moving from 2.31 to 2.35 (or attempting to). One of the key speedbumps that I am running into and wary of being as efficient as possible in is with my Program Rules (for Event Model Programs).

It looks like, while 2.31 preferred the format “d2:hasValue(‘programRuleVariable’)”, 2.35 mandates “d2:hasValue(#{programRuleVariable’})”. I’m thinking I’m going to have to API pull program rules, find/replace these instances with their appropriate format (will need to figure out for each if they are #{} or V{} format, as well, unfortunately) and push them back in.

I have over 1400 Program Rules total, across 20 Programs. Some of these Program Rules are quite complex. Any other approaches that I should be considering?