Program Rule error in Android app

Hello, I was wondering if anyone else was suddenly (in the past 2 weeks) getting program rule errors in the android app while filing a form in tracker? It is happening to us in both our production and live instances on both the main android app as well as the training app. We are at a loss because we haven’t made any changes to our program rules but this error suddenly started appearing:

“Program rules warning
There is a configuration issue causing a loop in the rules. Contact you administrator.”

Thanks for any help!

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FYI, we have figured out what happened. This error is coming up for anyone who updated their app to the latest release (v2.5). When we revert back to v2.4.3 the error goes away. So for now, we will keep all of our users on v2.4.3 until this bug can get fixed.

DHIS2 development team, please take note of this bug for the v2.5 release. Thanks!

It’s good to note that as your upgrade your android apps, you need to be upgrading your program rules as well. Time to learn and upgrade them is now. Android newest android apps comes with great feature, security patches and you will be tempted to upgrade.


Hi @Jermacias . It is important for us to fix that possible bug… and we are sorry you needed to revert to the previous version. Is there a chance you could share your program so we can review? Or giving access to a testing instance?


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We found the bug. It will be fixed for next patch version. You can follow up here

That’s great, thanks Pablo. So we don’t need to do anything with our program rules, we should be fine just upgrading once the next patch version comes out?

Exactly @Jermacias . You don’t need to do anything. With the new patch version your program rules should work as they were working in the previous version. Apologies for the issue.


@jaime.bosque I’ve been testing the v2.5.1 patch release on our instance. The program rule error does seem to be taken care of now, thanks. However, another problem has arisen. I’m not sure if it is related to the same issue though.

For two program stages, we have an option set called “Child Status” and the options are “In Treatment”, “Discharge (D)”, “Treatment Suspended (TS)”, and “Failure to Attend.”

For some reason, when I use v2.5.1 of the Android app, when I try to select, “Failure to Attend”, the app gets stuck trying to apply Failure to Attend as the selection.

In our development instance, I’ve been trying to review our program rules related to that option set and that specific option but so far haven’t found anything that fixes the problem.

Hi @Jermacias . When you say it gets stuck do you get an error or it keeps loading endlessly? Could you maybe provide testing access via PM?

Hi @jaime.bosque, sorry for the late reply. Yes it was just getting stuck loading endlessly. Our DHIS2 consultant who is working on some updates to our tracker instance has identified and fixed the problem. Something to do with the way our program rules were written but it’s sorted now so doesn’t seem to be a general bug. I’ll come back to you if anything else comes up.

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Wonderful news. Thanks!

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