Program notifications (and French training resources)

Hi all,
A couple of questions - is DHIS2 Fundamentals available in French? I see that it is a prerequisite for the Level 1 academies (even the francophone ones?). Is the documentation posted somewhere in French?

Onto the configuration question: My program notifications aren’t working. I set up two (to test), one by org unit contact email and one with internal DHIS2 notifications. Looking at the screenshots below, do you see any issues with how I am setting it up?

Final question - if we do DHIS2 notifications through user groups, can they see the notifications in the DHIS2 capture app (the new tracker capture)? If we have CHWs out in the field doing case management who need to see prompts based on the due date of a program stage for individual TEIs, what do you recommend that would work on tablets?

Thanks so much. ~Natalie

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I notice you selected email, this would require setting up the SMTP server under system settings. If yes,
Then make sure you created a job scheduler found under the Scheduler App.
Let us know if this works.

@Matthieu do we have any french training resource that you can share with Natalie.


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Thank you @Emma_Kassy, you were right about the email settings, that fixed it the email issue - you’re the best!

If anyone has insight on why system notifications are not working, AND if DHIS2 system notifications are supported in the new DHIS2 capture app, that would be so helpful!

Or in general, if there’s a better way to send non-SMS appointment reminders to CHWs rather than the TEI, where there are multiple CHWs per org unit (so sending to the org unit contact is tricky), so we would probably have to rely on having a million user groups.


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