Program Notification with Program Rule worked in the instance, but not in the android capture app (Tracker Program)

Hi Developers,

I am having an issue with program notification. It was set up by Program Rule.
If I entered the data in the server instance directly (DHIS2 Version 2.30), the program notification worked.
If I entered the data in the android capture app (App Version: 1.3.1 / SDK Version: 0.17.3-SNAPSHOT), it didn’t trigger the program notification although the data had been synced into the DHIS2 instance. Below is the data entered in the Tracker Capture both in the instance directly and via the android capture app. The data in the Red Highlighted box were from the android app which the program notification did not work, while the rest of the data worked properly with the program notification.
Case Noti_2

Is it a known bug or something else?
What will be the causes of it and how should I do to fix it?

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Hi @Aung.K.Min.

Is there a reason for you to be using 1.3.1 and not the latest version 2.2.1 ( Release Android Capture App for DHIS 2 (v2.2.1) - Patch version · dhis2/dhis2-android-capture-app · GitHub ) ? Could you try and let us know?

Also, what is the Program Rule that is triggering the notification? What is the condition? And the action?


Hi @jaime.bosque!

My apology for the delay in responding. This issue has been now raised by our developers in Jira with more details, please see the ticket below.


Hi @Aung.K.Min. It seems that this error is related to the server side. So it is not really a problem with the Android app. You can “watch” the JIRA issue to get alerted when it gets fixed.


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Thanks again, @jaime.bosque!

Updated - This has also happened in the DHIS2 V2.34 and the Android Capture App V2.2.2 and V2.3.

Hi @Aung.K.Min,

If I understand it correctly your program notification trigger is program rule and your program rule action is either schedule or send a message? If yes, I think it’s not yet supported in the Android app.

Am I correct @jaime.bosque?

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Hi @rose and @Aung.K.Min. Good to see you guys here as well! :slight_smile:

Rose is right, but in this case it seems that it doesn’t not apply to this case. Unfortunately this is a bug at the server level that needs to be addressed on the backed.

You can follow it here: [DHIS2-9735] - Jira



Sweet December @rose and @jaime.bosque!
Thank you, @rose for your comment. This helped me to understand more limitations on the android app.
And thanks for your follow up with us @jaime.bosque. By the way, do you know how long will this issue assign to its focal person as this has been quite some time without assignees?

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