Program indicators no longer working without attribute assigned in 2.33.3

Hi all, have others had the issue where program indicators are no longer showing data UNLESS an attribute option is chosen (when a catcombo is assigned to the event or tracker program)? The data shows fine when the attributes are selected, but completely blank if you deselect the attributes. Not happening with aggregate data.
Note - this is not a tracked entity attribute, nor a catcombo assigned to a data element. It’s a category combination assigned as an attribute of the tracker/event programs.

JIRA issue reported by @Natalie_Tibbels:

Natalie, you say it’s fixed in 2.34, have you tested in latest patch of 2.33?

Best, Karoline

I did not test in the latest patch of 2.33 - we went straight to 2.34. :frowning: