Program indicators: missing variables

HI all,

I am trying to build program indicators from event program, but some in-built variables are missing.
Below is the capture screen of the event program. In it we capture the age, gender, and test result.
Gender (male, female, and test result (positive, negative, indeterminate) are dropdown.

Capture screen

One of the Program indicators I want to build:

Sum of all males whose age is greater than 10

Aggreagte type: Sum

Analytics type: event

Expresssion: missing variuables

Filter gender== ”male” && age>10

Missing variable

NB: event count variable is missing if the aggregate is SUM. It shows if the aggregate type is COUNT.. Am I confusing the function of each variable?

Please help


Olá @fernandoshake vou tentar explicar em portugues, bem, como queres somar os que tem acima de 10 anos, tanto faz se usares a agregação soma ou conta. Visto que ele estará a contar ou somar um a um, logo é indiferente! Espero ter ajudado.

Hi @fernandoshake I’ll try to explain you in Portuguese, well, as you want to add those over 10 years old, it doesn’t matter if you use the aggregation sum or count. Since he will be counting or adding one by one, so it doesn’t matter! Hope this helps.

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