Program indicator using value from previous event

Hi all,

I have this indicator that calculate confirmed test using value from 2 events of the same program stage.

there are 2 DEs involved:

  • Type of test: 0 - Test at birth; 1 - Test at 4-6 weeks; 2 - Confirmed test
  • Test result: 0 - Negative; 1 - Positive

the indicator is: Confirmed test at birth - positive: if (Type of test = 0 & Test Result = 1) in previous test, and (Type of test = 4 & Test Result = 1) in the current test

Can i calculate this using program indicator?

Thank you,

Hello @lehuyen

The concept is sound. We can create an indicator that calculates or Compares between DEs from the current event and the previous event at the same stage, making it practical to implement.

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