Program Indicator to calculate and alert based on cases in an area

Hi All

I would like to create an alert for a program based on 3 or more probable cases being identified in an area. The alert will be sent out to staff to then go and intervene/vaccinate in this area based on the higher number of cases.

I think that I would need to create a program indicator to base an alert on, but I am not sure how to go ahead with creating it.

The basis of the indicator would be as follows as far as I understand:
(Case outcome == “probable”) >= 3

The filters would then be used to do this based on time and Org Unit - this is where I am getting stuck. How would I create a filter for the expression to only be analysed within a specific OrgUnit? Similarly, I would like this calculation (i.e. the 3 probable cases) to be filtered to within a one month period.

i.e. 3 probable cases must be reported in a specific OrgUnit within a month. If this is the case, then an alert will be sent out to vaccination teams to go vaccinate the area.

I would appreciate any suggestions or advice on how to go about doing this.


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Dear Terence,

This can be achieved with a combination of:-

  1. Program indicators counting all events where Case outcome == probable (DONOT filter for any Orgunit in program indicator) only filter by outcome.

  2. Aggregate Validation rules (Left side (Program indictor) Operator (<=3) and Right side Numeric 3). Ensure you specify the level of validation and this could be facility or district… i.e this where the filter by orgunit is applied

  3. Validation notification where you specify the validation rule(s) to trigger the notification and the user group to send

  4. Set up the scheduling for monitoring for triggering the notification



Thank you @prosper - I am busy trying to implement this and appreciate your help.
The examples from Play certainly help also!