Program indicator problem

Hi all,

I have multiple answer options as YesOnly data elements in a program:

|a)|TB Previous use of second- line drugs|
|b)|TB Started on ART|
|c)|TB Started on CPT|

I would like to set indicator of % of the multiple answers. Would you help me with the steps to achieve this?


Just spitballing here! My first inclination would be to have the expression of the Program Indicator be “1”, have it aggregate to average, and then have the filter on the program indicator to be: "(a==‘true’ && b==‘true’)||( b==‘true’&& c==‘true’) || (c==‘true’&&a==‘true’ ")

note: I forget whether yesOnly Data Elements come out as “true” or as “1” when they are selected.
another note: you could probably also do a conditional statement for when a == true, then 1, b == true, then 1, c == true, then 1 and then add them all together and make the filter say it has to be greater than 1. I’m less experienced with that and for me feels more complicated.

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