Program Indicator not disaggregating by period in pivot table


I had to leave the Analytics boundries to at least get almost what I need but the values show up the same in all months. I want it disaggregated by my choice periods.

Help me please. I have literally played around the Analytics Boundries. Another behaiviour if I put boundries is that it does not count entries after the reporting period. I need to see ALL records by periods.


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Hi @Abumere_Ejakhegbe,

I’m thinking maybe you need to recheck your expression for the program indicator if it’s output is well configured and let us know.

Cc @Scott, You are my analytics go-to-person; kindly assist here.



To be able to see all individual patients by period you simply need to use the event report application and switch to the individual record view. You are able to sort the patients by period there.

Beyond that I am having a hard time understanding your issue. I’m not exactly sure what you mean by *analytics boundaries". Could you please provide more information and send through a screenshot of the program indicator you are trying to make that is not working?

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