Program indicator event count date

If I have created a program indicator that uses event count as the expression (with aggregation type “count” and analytics type “event”), the boundary target “event date” is not affected by the “last updated” date, right? I want events to be counted based on when they were first entered (the event date), not when they were last updated. We are updating forms later (a verification box) but I want to ensure that will not move when the events were counted.
Thanks so much for any insight.

Are the updates made to the event date or just the other variables of the form?
Making changes to the Event Date will definitely affect the period of analysis, however making changes to the other variables will not affect period of analysis.

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Thank you Emma! Yes, only changes to other variables, not the event date. What you said is probably obvious but we are having some discrepancies so I am trying to consider every possible option! Thank you for the quick response!!!