Problem with Data analysis in Aggregate Data Entry report using Pivot table or data visualizer

Dear dhis2 community team,
Please kindly let me know,
Why is there no any data values show in data visualization or pivot table after entering quarterly report as figures below?
In Aggregate Data Entry form:

Outcome in Pivot table

Hi @Sophon

Did you update analytics tables? This is used by all reporting and analysis tools to retrieve data from.

  1. Go to the data administration app
  2. Select Analytics tables and start export, and wait for it to finish.
    Try again to see if any data in pivot tables appears.

Analytics has to run frequently to get the new data on visualisations. To make it automatically run:

  1. Open the scheduler app
  2. Add a new job
  3. Create a name for the job, and select analytics tables as job type
  4. Choose preset times by clicking on the button for preset times.
  5. Select how many years back to update, and if you want to skip some table types.
  6. Save.



Dear @Caroline,
Thank you so much for the solution. It’s working right now.

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