Problem with AttributeOptionCombo in Export File

Dear DHIS2 Users,

I recently upgraded two systems from 2.14 to 2.18. These two system exchange data through XML import-export of data.

After the upgrade, I noted that data import stopped work. Infact, the import will not throw any errors, but no data will be imported. On closer examination, I noted the following:

  • the 2.14 import file did not have the XML attribute called attributeOptionCombo in the Datavalue tag. This attribute is now present in the import/export file for DHIS2.18.

  • the attributeOptionComboID column in the DataValue table now show a different value for the same dataelementid compared to the same dataelementid under 2.14.

  • if I manually update the DataValue table and change the attributeOptionComboID to the value that appeared under 2.14, the dataelement will reflect values in the pivot table.

Please help. Where am I getting it wrong or is there something I missed during the upgrade. All I did during the upgrade was replace the DHIS2 folder with the latest version and restarted tomcat.