Problem in Custom registration form of Tracker capture

Dear All,

I am facing some issues with the custom registration form in Tracker capture.

I am using Organisation Unit type and Age type data elements, when I use these with the custom registration form, the + icon does not load the organisation unit tree ( Which is the expected behavior), however, this is working fine in case of the default form.

Same is happening with the Age type of data element, when the age is entered the dates are not loaded.

I am using

Version: 2.30

Build revision: bd6e33e

Build date: 2018-10-23 02:06

I have checked this on and found the same behavior.

Any quick help is highly appreciated.


Neeraj Gupta

I have created an issue on JIRA for this DHIS2-5025
This is urgent as we have to use the custom form in one of the program which is to be implemented very soon and we need to capture the whole hierarchy of the patient, we can not use default form as we are using some scripts in the form.

Requesting the development team to please prioritize this issue.


Neeraj Gupta