Previously available data now not showing

Hi all,

I was previously able to view and download pivot tables and run data set reports for all time periods (2014 through present). However, strangely over the last couple of days I am suddenly not able to view data prior to 2017. It is strange because no matter what indicator I try to search data for, it is as if all data prior to 2017 disappeared . I am confused since I know from my end I did not mess with any of the administrative settings to tamper with data approvals. What could be going on here? Is this temporary and if someone has encountered this, how do I solve the problem? Any suggestion would be helpful.

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Hi @Petyr_Amadou,

So sorry for the delayed response here. Are you still having this issue?

What version of DHIS2 are you on?

Are you seeing any console errors (In Chrome - More tools - Developer tools - Console) when trying to fetch the data?

Best regards,
Karoline :slight_smile:

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