Posting data values to datasets using APIs

Hi community,
Please how can I post bulk data values to a dataset using APIs? I’ve gone through the documentation and I didn’t really find a solution.
Kindly point me in the right direction.

Thanks alot.


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Hi @Carlos

Welcome back to the community!

If you are sending multiple values to a dataset, have you checked out the Using the API DHIS2 Developer docs?

If you are sending individual data values, you can start here

Hope these help! If you face an issue, please feel free to post back to the community.


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hi @Gassim, thank you for your response.

I have gone through the documentation, but it still isn’t clear. Assuming I have an inventory dataset, and some of its data elements/parameters are:

  • Number of paracetamol cards (id - yqh6Nwba11)
  • Number of injections (id - 71u1ytw6155)
  • Number of ciprofloxacin (id - kku5rdwlk5)

How do I represent this in the API?