Possible bug in [days| numerator function?


I’ve tested this in two versions (2.19 and 2.21)

Latest build for 2.21 Build revision: 21042 Build date: 2016-03-02 17:01

Set up a simple dataset with a single data element and single indicator that uses the data element as a numerator, and [D] or [days] for the denominator.

I get an ‘infinity’ error during data entry, when the indicator is included on the form. Shouldn’t this ‘calculate’ or is there something peculiar about the use of ‘days’?

After ‘completing’ the form, and updating the analytics tables, if one goes back to the data-entry form, it still shows ‘infinity’ in the indicator field. However, a data-set report for that period displays the correct result.

Any thoughts?

David Hagan