Populating multiple widgets options

Dear All,
Kindly help me to solve the following issues:

  1. In the tracker capture, the show/hide widgets options are displaying multiple times. Tried clearing cache, still then it is giving same issue (attached picture for more clearer).

  2. Not showing events in the data entry section in the tracker capture. Thereby, not able to fill up the forms. (pic attached)

we are using Version:
Build revision:
Build date:
2017-08-08 06:40

Thank youwidgets

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Thanks for reporting. We will try and reproduce the error in our local 2.26 server. Is the problem consistent across multiple programs, users and browsers?

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It happened to the single user. Rest users are not experiencing it.

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Hello, any solution to my earlier issue? We are still facing the same issue. Kindly look into the matter urgently. Thank you

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Hi @Sangay_Tenzin,

Thank you for the update on this matter. The team is looking into this and will get back with a solution to this.

Kindly be patient.


It looks as if this user has some user setting that is corrupted. I would suggest trying to recreate the user, potentially deleting the old one - alternatively deleting the user settings for the user.

If you do not want to create a new user, the user settings can be accessed through the API:


Or in the database:

select * from usersetting where name = ‘keyTrackerDashboardLayout’;

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