Point map is not coming while getting map from a favourite!

Dear all devs/users,

I am trying to get a map from saved favourite , but point layer is not coming at the output , only boundary is coming :

Following is the mapViews:


    "mapViews": [
            "columns": null,
            "rows": [
                    "dimension": "ou",
                    "items": [
                            "id": "OU_GROUP-YnlGtIdGeCH"
            "filters": null,
            "layer": "boundary",
            "opacity": 10,
            "labels": true
    "baseLayer": "none",
    "url": "[http://localhost:8080/dhis/](http://localhost:8080/dhis/)",
    "el": "mapA1"

Saved favourite is as follows:

The real output coming is as:

Have tried by passing favourite uid (mentioned below)also but nothing changed:


url: “https://localhost:8080/dhis/”,

el: “mapA1”,

id: “t4d9qK0qv4D”


Can anybody help ,I am following Dhis2 plugins(https://dhis2.github.io/dhis2-docs/2.22/en/developer/html/ch01s27.html)
Thanks in advance!


Sourabh Bhardwaj