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Hi all,

Re: Victor’s note about being locked out of the demo server, this sort of lock-out has happened a few times recently. Would it perhaps be worth setting up a chron job that runs every five minutes to update the ‘admin’ user password back to ‘district’ if it has changed?

Cheers, Sam.


From: Dhis2-devs on behalf of Victor Garcia

Date: Thursday, 10 November 2016 at 09:05

To: DHIS2 Developers

Subject: [Dhis2-devs] Program rule actions of type ASSIGN not working on SCHEDULED events

Hi all,

we have noticed a buggy behavior when using program rule actions of type ASSIGN in scheduled events. The program rule is correctly evaluated, but the program rule action does not assign the desired value to the dataelement in that event. This happens only when the event is created using the visit scheduler. If the event is created using the “Add new event” button the program rule action works fine.

The steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Create a programRuleVariable of type “DATAELEMENT_CURRENT_EVENT” with the dataelement we want to copy.

  2. Create a programRule limited to that programStage.

  3. Assign a programRuleAction of type ASSIGN, with the previously crated programRuleVariable as the “data” and a dataelement as the target.

I couldn’t access demo server to reproduce the issue (it seems that admin password has been changed), but I did in dev server and created an example that you can easily verify until it is reset tonight. It is in the program “WHO RMNCH Tracker”, in the stage “Postpartum care visit”. I added a new dataelement called “Copy HIV test result” just below “HIV test result” that copies its value. You can verify that if the stage is created using the “Add event button” the value is correctly copied; but it the stage is added using the visit scheduler, the value is not copied.

If there is doubt please let me know.

Thank you!