Pivot Table not found in version 2.37.2

I have install the version 2.37.2 but to my surprise, Pivot Table is not found. Again, Analytics do not work either. I have attached a screenshot from Data Administration.

Assistance needed.
Thank you.

@fosuhene please share the error again, above you uploaded the same image twice.

Was this table from an older instance? And now that you have upgraded to 2.37.2 this error came up? Since it might not be possible to reproduce this issue, more debugging might be required.


Please these are the screens I have captured.

  1. Results from Data Administration

  2. Log outprint

  3. Evidence of a existence of data

  4. Data Visualizer output after selecting the options (Data/Period?Org Uint)

Please review the process and advise if I am missing something out.
Best regards

Hi @fosuhene

Thank you for sharing!

From the screenshot below, it seems that you are affected by a bug other Community members have reported as well